Thursday, April 29, 2010

9:14pm  It seems every dept. in this hospital has something to teach us before Meg gets to go home! All good, but very tiring. More walking trips today. Met a man that had his heart transplant 14 yrs ago. Met a sweet mom whose 4 month old daughter just rec'd her new heart this week! Dinner brought by loving friends (as it has been EVERY night!). (See continuation of post in my notes.)  We have so many people to thank for walking this journey with us, that if we start, we will surely leave many unlisted.  You know who you are - so many, many of you - friends we know and friends we just haven't met yet.

To help you pray for Megan:
1.  Blood clots - she has 4 or 5 small ones that are being treated.  Not a huge worry, we're told, but they will watch this.  Blood test being done to see if she has a predisposition for forming clots.
2.  Swelling - lots.  Normal after surgery and because of the clots.  But uncomfortable and "heavy".  I'm not sure we have to settle for "normal"; I think God just might be able to take care of this, too!
3.  Lungs - (pleural effusion) extra air in pocket around lung (these are my laywoman's terms!).  Not getting worse, so will just wait for it to dissipate.  If it would get worse, a tiny chest tube would have to be inserted to remove the air.
4.  Strength - is increasing every day, but more is surely needed.  She has lost all muscle tone, and one of the meds increases big muscle wobbliness.  
5.  Emotions - while meds are being adjusted, one especially, will cause emotional highs and lows.  This will probably be one of the most difficult for Megs to deal with!  Again, I don't think that all this HAS to be, but am trying to be ready for anything!

So....borrowing words from a new friend of mine...I will "keep listening; keep asking for guidance and direction; keep praying; and keep giving thanks for all the wonderful gifts that we know that we have received, and the others that we are too dim-witted to know that they exist.  Thank you God, for everything.  Hebrews 11:1 is shining through with all its glory.  It was the certainty to know that what we hoped for was waiting for us ahead--we just couldn't see it---but He did."



  1. I have prayed at my computer for each of these needs and trusting God to answer and provide healing where needed. God bless you all, Gayle

  2. I have been reading Megans blog and so much of it sounds familiar. My husband is a heart transplant survivor! He's had his heart for almost 4 years now. My thoughts and prayersare with Megan and her family! If she ever wants to talk to someone my husband and or I are here. :) Keep your heads up and don't let your spirit break. There will be good days and bad but now that she has the new heart the good days will start to definitely outweigh the bad. (((HUGS)))

  3. Thank you both for keeping us so well informed. Every morning while I'm having my coffee I read the blog and pray for Megan. It has been so encouraging and inspiring to follow her progress. I love you all!