Saturday, April 17, 2010

4/17 7:50am Megan is again fighting for every breath. They are calling in the team of doctors to see what can be done. Pray for wisdom for the doctors, peace for Megan and us, and that God will put His arms around her right now.


  1. Hey, Guys. My thoughts are with you today as we wait for a MIRACLE. I keep thinking about how Grandpa Miller or my dad would have faced this mountain. They would have approached with bold belief, just as we will, now that their mantle has been passed down to us. Do not despair, God will accomplish His good work on our behalf. I have been listening to a beautiful Babbie Mason song as I cry out to God on Megan's behalf and finally found a demonstration link that I hope will be accessible to you. If it doesn't hyperlink for you, send me your email address and I can do it that way, or I'll send it to Shar. Love, kisses and hugs! Vonda

  2. "Behind the Rain & Clouds there is a Rainbow of Hearts"

    I will keep seeking & Recruiting Friends, Family members, & Neighbors in the Community who "WISHES to OFFER or GIVE a KIND HEART DONATION" that would be referred over to BJC Hospital Heart Transplant Bank.

    My prayers are with your family and especially with you my Sista...God Bless You!

    Your Ritz Buddy,
    Ms. Stephanie/ PBX

  3. Per: Ms. Sharon

    "I am thinking of you and praying for you, God is able you, will pull through and stay stronge."

    Love You,
    Ms. Sharon/ Ritz-PBX