Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18 8:10am Megan is doing well. They are removing her defibrillator while her new heart is in transit. Arrival of heart is due around 9:15. Pray for a safe flight for her doctor & heart, God's hands on surgeons, God's comfort for Megan, complete success and healing through this Miracle surgery, and peace and comfort for the donor's family.


  1. I will ask my pastor at church today if we can pray for her and give an update. I put in a prayer request earlier in the week, when I first heard of Megan's story. I myself, and many of my friends through facebook have been posting about her progress and praying continually for her. My prayers are with all involved, inluding the donor and their family. Thank you Jesus for answered prayers!

  2. Praying Psalm 139:9-18 for Megan now. Surely this day was ordained for Megan! How precious are his thoughts for Megan! When Megan awakes, God will still be with her!

  3. We just had prayer for your sweet girl about ten minutes ago. I told everyone I would check and see if there was any news.....and will pass this on. We are having prayer again for Megan in second service at 11:00. Blessings on all of you. We can't wait to celebrate with you!!!! You are in our constant prayers today!!!
    Jim and Leah Sukraw

  4. My husband and I will being thinking of Megan and your family today. May God be with Dr. Wang, the surgical team and Megan during surgery this morning. What a wonderful birthday present for Kathie!!!
    Holly RN

  5. To the Moss family-- During the Christmas holiday, I was at my mom's (Barbara Boicourt Barnes),and we were discussing Megan's need for God's healing. I am so happy to hear that a heart is available. I am spreading the word and asking for all I know to pray for Megan! She is a beautiful young lady. May God's warm embrace provide comfort to you and the donor family!
    Kim Barnes Marsaglia

  6. "God Rainbows are-bigger-than Mountains"

    God Is Good,
    Ms. Stephanie/ Ritz Family-PBX