Friday, April 16, 2010

2:00pm I am praying and marching around Megan's bed seven times. If it worked for Joshua, it can work for Megan.

6:00pm The procedure went well and Megan is feeling some better.  Still not as good as Wednesday, but better than last night and today.  Thanks for all the prayers.

7pm (from Kathie)

After Meg's procedure...Her: Did you ask them to pray like I said? Me: We did. Did you feel Jesus? Her: I DID! Me: What was it like? Her: He held me and squeezed me. Me: Tears and praise.

9:00 Channel 4 is setting up at NCCS to put the prayer vigil LIVE on the 10pm news.  Please pray wherever you are with all of us; if you can make it to the campus, that would be fantastic.  Let's storm heaven together expecting a miracle.


  1. Praying for you all. I praise God for the faithful testimony shown forth through this blog.

    Jennifer Collins

  2. Praying from Ohio. I prayed at that time last night and all thru out the night. I'm going to continue to do so.