Tuesday, April 13, 2010

4/13 5:00pm The Doc tells us our time is running out and that Megan is still very critical. Next step is an internal LVAD which comes with physical, emotional and insurance issues. We need a HEALED or NEW HEART by Monday. We are asking God's Family to follow God's lead as you pray on Megan's behalf for a MIRACLE. "Ask and it shall be given..." Matt 7:7


  1. "Matthew 18: 18-20" So many are gathered in prayer for Megan; and in love and support of her whole family!
    Ray, Mark, and Patricia Mangelsdorf

  2. I came across this because I am a friend of Barnes-Jewish Hospital, and it caught my attention. Megan you are on beautiful girl. I will keep you in my prayers and we are hoping for a big miracle soon!