Sunday, April 18, 2010

4/18, 3pm. Megan is in her room, surgery went well. The doctor has a few concerns. A blood clot was found at the base of the aorta and they believe they removed it all but there is a small chance that a piece broke off. Please pray that God has and will continue to protect her from any complications. Thanks for your continued support with prayer-You are all awesome!


  1. Dear Moss family: Megan is in my prayers. I learned of her story two weeks ago at a small group meeting for our church. My gruop leader is the mother-in-law of Mark Thompson a minister at a relation of her's church. I know some of what she is going through as I had a liver transplant last June. I know that GOD is taking care of her during this time and that she will get stronger everyday. God is good all the time all the time GOD is good. For not long after transplant my wife and I learned that my old liver contained Cancer. It was not there during testing at the Ceveland Cln. when I was put on the donor list. But GOD saved me just in time for liver cancer is very aggresive and had it not been for my wonderful donor I would not be here today. Since that time my wife and I have become ambassadors for Organ and tissue donation with Lifeline of Ohio. Again I will be praying for Megan. To the world you maybe one person but to one person you maybe the World. GLORY TO GOD
    Jim Eckard
    Marion Ohio

  2. I'll still be praying for her,I know from experience she is going to be in ALOT of pain from her incisions.Yet,it sounds to me her ordeal is about over.PRAISE GOD!!!! :)
    I hope with her new heart she'll never have heart problems again.

  3. Lord, prepare me, to be a sanctuary, pure and holy, tried and true, that with Thanksgiving, I'll be a LIVING sanctuary for you.
    Megan is truly a living sanctuary for the Lord. She is living, breathing evidence of Gods' faithfulness, and goodness to all. We continue to pray for her recovery, and for comfort for the donor family. Praise God for His perfect timing!!
    Love ya, Vernie&Linda

  4. I just saw the story about Megan. My prayers are with you and your family. I was just in Barnes for surgery and I have been complaining because I have a tube in my back until the 28th. But this has put it in prospective. No more complaining and my prayers are with you and your family. God will hold you in the palm of his hands.

    Nina Mancuso

  5. Megan and family,
    I was eating with dear friends the other day,Mandi Denbow and Danielle Kuntz, and they filled me in on Megan's journey! What a ride this has been! Yet, once again I stand in awe of God's marvelous work....the work He is faithful to complete. I just wanted you to know that even though I haven't met Megan personally, her story has touched my heart and I am praying for God's favor and his perfect will upon her life. In fact, because I posted her story and the need for a new heart on my face book page, there are people in Texas,California,Washington, and even Guam covering her in prayer! I was reminded of this verse last night as I was lifting her up in prayer...Ecclesiastes 3
    A Time for Everything
    1 There is a time for everything,
    and a season for every activity under heaven:
    2 a time to be born and a time to die,
    a time to plant and a time to uproot,

    3 a time to kill and a time to heal,
    a time to tear down and a time to build,

    4 a time to weep and a time to laugh,
    a time to mourn and a time to dance,

    5 a time to scatter stones and a time to gather them,
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain,

    6 a time to search and a time to give up,
    a time to keep and a time to throw away,

    7 a time to tear and a time to mend,
    a time to be silent and a time to speak,

    8 a time to love and a time to hate,
    a time for war and a time for peace.
    I am so thankful that our God is the true sustainer and that nothing is untimely to Him. I choose to believe that this is Megan's time to she has never danced before! And to God be all the Glory!

  6. My cousin Ashley received a new heart (at 19 years old) a few years ago. I vividly remember the waiting and praying that we did for her. God carried her through, she is a thriving nurse today. I pray that he carries Megan as well. I am also from Ferguson and my mom went to high school with you (Wayne/Barb Downs). So I feel a special connection to your family. We will keep praying for you, Megan, her nurses, doctors, and the donor family.
    God Bless You!
    Erin Pinkerton

  7. I most recently heard about Megan. I went to school with her at HLG. I had heard about a girl who needed a heart on the news being in St. Louis but had never heard the girls name. Ever since hearing about Megan I have been praying fervently that a miracle would happen. Praise GOD Almighty and give thanks to the Donor Family to all they are going through at this difficult time.

    Susan Honse

  8. Megan, this has inspired me to give and become a donor. May the donor family be loved at this time, and God be praised for the giver and Megan the recipient!

  9. Megan, this has inspired me to give and become a donor. May the donor family be loved at this time, and God be praised for the giver and Megan the recipient!

  10. I saw your story on the news. I am praying foe your family. We are a heart family too. My son is 5 and was born with only half of his heart, called hypoplastic left heart syndrome. He's had four open heart surgeries and will need a transplant at some point in his life, since the right side is not made to work for the entire body alone. Just wanting to say that you are not alone in this journey. There are many out there like myself who have walked a similar path, and also those who don't know our walk, but are faithful prayer warriors and supporters. I look forward to the next posts and the good news that there is NO rejection and Megan is recovering wonderfully.
    God bless,
    Millie and Colin-HLHS

  11. What a blessing... Tonight before I close my eyes to go to sleep I will pray another prayer for you and your family to have peace, comfort, and strength. My dad (Tom Reed) has been keeping me posted on your status and I have been following your story on the news. My thoughts are with you and your family.
    Good Night, Tera Reed

  12. Today Stan spoke on "Blessed are the Merciful" and I kept thinking of Megan and her family. The Moss family has served God and His church for generations, and now Megan is reaping the blessings that her family has sown for years. Eudell was a mentor to Stan when he first became a pastor some 15 years ago. Who knows how many are in God's kingdom as a result of the Moss family? We can't wait to hear how God uses Megan and this experience. Beautiful how God works. We love you and are praying for you,
    Sherri Hall
    Quito, Ecuador

  13. WOW.. I just found Megan's story and I am in awe of your faith!! We are praying for Megan, your family and the donor family tonight.

    Our 2 yr old needs a new heart, but we're counting our blessings as God has given us TIME. Time to enjoy our sweet little guy and keep him off the list for now.

    Megan's story is courageous and brought tears to my eyes. We'll continue to pray for a smooth recovery with minimal complications.


  14. So happy to hear the good news! Been praying for her ever since I heard her story! She's at a great hospital - I had my heart transplant there 17 years ago and they took excellent care of me!

  15. Continuing to pray for Megan everyday. I have cardiomyopathy and when I was first diagnosed, I had 5% EF. God pulled me thru without a transplant at that time. I went for 8 years where my EF went from 5% to 10-15% and then 15-20%. Because I never suffered symptoms once I got to 10-15%, I was never placed on the transplant list. I did however start to get weaker a few years ago and I was getting ready to be worked up for the transplant list. My doctor put me in a cardiac rehab program and increased the doses of my medications. After a year of that, there was no improvement and they told me I would never see any after 8 years with this disease. God has other plans, however, and last November when I had my last echo done my EF went from 15-20% to 35%!! Doctors were absolutely amazed and finally had to admit to me there was something more at work than medicine with me. They said since it had been over a year, they didn't expect any improvement and even if I had some, with meds the most they had seen was about 7% and I more than doubled that. I am so grateful God strengthened my heart. I'll never understand his plans but I can look at Megan's story and see how his hands are on her and have been every step of the way. I can look back with my own journey with cardiomyopathy and heart failure and I can see how he placed certain people, certain doctors, etc in my life at just the right time and how he has been with me every step of the way. So, I've been living 9 years now with this disease and today I am doing well. I don't know what my future holds but I know who's holding my future. I may one day also need a transplant or God may choose to keep improving my heart without a transplant. Either way, it's an absolute miracle and your daughter is an absolute miracle. I am so thankful for those that donate. Without them some wonderful people wouldn't be here today. Doctors told me I would only live 4 1/2 to 5 years but this June 21st, I will celebrate 9 years. I will also celebrate my 8th wedding anniversary! You have much to celebrate and I can see that God has great plans for Megan and I know she won't let him down! He has great things in store of her and for your family. What a gift. You will always have much to celebrate on that day! Megan's story has touched me in a way I can't explain. I don't know her, but I know what she went thru because I've been there when I was at 5% EF. I just knew in my soul God was going to perform a miracle here and I am so thankful he did. I have cried tears of joy along with you all. I have been praying and will continue to do so. I pray for no complications and for a speedy recovery. I wish I were there to give Megan a big hug. I am so happy for her. I would love to hear from her once she is better. my email is Yesterday when she went into surgery, I was awakened right at that time and immediately checked the blog to see the news. I was so happy and just started praying. I then woke up my husband to tell him the news too! God bless! I am going to continue to pray here in Ohio!

  16. I am a friend on Mandi & Kyle and I just wanted to share this verse I was reading this morning. Thought of you guys and rejoicing with you!

    You have turned for me my mourning into dancing.
    you have loosed my sackcloth
    and clothed me with gladness
    that my glory may sing your praise and not be silent
    O Lord my God, I will give thanks to you FOREVER!
    Psalm 30:11-12

    Love you guys!!

    Love from Chicago!!