Tuesday, April 20, 2010

4/20 12:45 Sleeping beauty is having a difficult time waking up. They are not too concerned but hoping to get a response soon. Pray that Docs will have wisdom to wean her off the right meds to allow her to wake soon.


  1. Praying with your family this day, that you will see Megan smile and speak to you soon!

  2. Mr. Moss......it's been God's timing the whole journey and it'll be his timing with Megan waking....she'll be around soon I'm expecting this miracle to continue......God never fails!!!!
    Stephanie Parrish

  3. My daughter goes to Hannibal LaGrange and told us about Megan about a week and a half ago. Have been praying and had others praying. God gave the surgeons an amazing ability to do this surgery and God's timing for her full recovery. Thank you for the updates, it helps us pray with more knowledge, even though the Lord knows all that is going on.