Friday, April 23, 2010

4/23 9:05pm Although the blood clot is a concern, it is not uncommon and the doctors do not feel it will cause any problems. They will be watching her closely and taking more tests next week.  Megan is pretty comfortable for now and ready for a good night's sleep. Thanks for the prayers and hope to see many of you tomorrow at 1pm from the window of Meg's room.


  1. When I had my heart transplant last year I also had swelling and a blood clot. So I know it is a concern but with medication it went away. So take "heart" and know that God is in control. My Sunday school class at Wichita First Naz will be praying for Megan and you guys. I know it is harder for the families sometimes then the patients. Just remember that God is in control and will watch over you and Megan.

  2. I woke several times during the night last night and prayed for Megan each time! Continuing to do so!