Wednesday, April 21, 2010

4/21 7:10pm Although Megan looks beautiful, she is in a lot of pain. Please pray that she will get relief soon so she can get good rest tonight.  Don't mean to bother you with more requests, but every time you all go to prayer, God answers, so why not ask. 


  1. Are you kidding me brother?! Are you kidding me??!! Do not apologize!! That's what the family of God is for! Our prayers for Megaboo lifts our faith too when God delivers. So no more apologies, give us your requests and we'll take them before our Father in Heaven. We unite with you brother, we got yo back!

  2. I am honored to pray for your sweet girl and am know God will be faithful in answering, as he always is! God Bless you all

    Lisa Oliver

  3. Prayers are coming from West Tennessee!!!

    I dont know your family personally but our medical office has been following Megan's story. We feel so blessed that you have allowed us to take part in Megan's journey as she starts her life with her new heart.

    If Megan's story isnt enough to make someone realize how important organ donation is, nothing on earth will. When I die, I pray that my organs will be viable and can go to someone like Megan that wants to live so much.

    Thanks again for sharing Megan's Story. It is like a ray of sunshine everytime you post good news!!! We will continue to follow and pray for her.

    Danna Franks-Talley
    Prime Care Medical Center
    Adamsville, TN

  4. Keep the requests coming. I love knowing the specific things to lift up.

  5. Praying! We are supposed to pray specifics. I believe in that and will keep doing it! We all need each other!

  6. My family and I will continue to pray! Thanks for all the updates!

  7. Coming from a heart patient,I know precisely the pain she is going through.No matter what heart surgery you have it is NEVER pain free.I had heart surgery when I was eleven and like I said in a previous post on here,I could have to have another one at any time in my life,if that dumb membrane grows back. :(
    So I have continued to pray for your daughter everyday because I knew she was now in for the excruciating pain.She'll feel pretty helpless for awhile too.I couldn't dress,bathe or sit up by myself.Thank God I was a child or my mom would have had a hard time helping me bathe and sit up.

  8. I don't know your family but was asked to pray for you from a church friend that knows you. It has been such a blessing to my heart to pray for you, whom I do not even know, and see God working in your life! I am so thankful to have the opportunity to lift you up to our mighty Lord and Savior! He is the Great Physician! I look forward to hearing more great news!