Thursday, June 14, 2012

2-year check-up

June 14, 1012  Today Megan had her 2-year check-up after her heart transplant on April 18, 2012.  Initial results tell us that her body loves her new heart!  Her arteries are perfect, no blockage, there is no rejection!  More reports next week from the AlloMap testing.  Are we surprised?  Absolutely not!  God had a reason for saving Megan and we are watching to see how He continues to reveal His purposes for her.

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  1. Our newborn son Isaiah had two open heart surgeries at 8 days and 8 months old and his CVICU neighbor had a heart transplant, so we are very linked to stories relating to this. We are so sorry for your loss. It seems Father had a much bigger plan in extending precious Megan's life to give life and legacy to Eilee Kate and draw *more* attention to her book (which I've just ordered) to spread the aroma of Christ and the good news of the gospel even further. His ways are so mysterious. Nevertheless, we can imagine your grief must feel unbearable. As a brother and sister in Christ (apparently my husband Tyler Wasson and friend Staci Schaefer went to school with your daughter Mandi at MNU), know we have and will continue to lift your family and extended family in prayer. In Christ's love, at His feet, for His glory alone, Carrie Lynn Wasson