Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Home to heaven...

Megan Rachelle Moss Johnson
May 22, 1986 -June 27, 2017

In Megan's brief 31 years, she left her family and friends a legacy of love and faith.  As a child, Megan sang "Jesus" songs with exuberance.  As a teen, she often would journal prayers to her Best Friend, Jesus.

After her diagnosis of myocarditis at 15, Megan wrote: "I love You, Jesus...please make me the light for You that I have always wanted to be.  Not a nightlight, but a forest fire for You, Jesus!  Let Your light show through me and bring others to You!"  She was a bright light as she waited for a heart transplant in April, 2010, when she passionately spoke her motto:  "Through this I demonstrate that Christ is enough - come what may."

As her sister said at the beautiful fall wedding on October 29, 2011, "God gave my sister a new heart 18 months ago, and only six months later she gave her heart to Nathan Johnson."  Megan loved being Nathan's wife and wholeheartedly supported his concert ministry.

On June 27, 2017, God blessed Megan and Nathan with the birth of Eilee Megan Kate.  Only hours later, Megan saw Jesus face to face.

May Megan's legacy of love and desire to be a "forest fire light" for Jesus live on in each of us.

She will forever be loved by her husband, Nathan Johnson; her daughter, Eilee Megan Kate Johnson; her parents, Wayne and Kathie Moss; her siblings and mates, Mandi and Kyle Walton, Jason and Danielle Moss; her nieces, Kinsley Grace and Addyson Kate Walton; her parents-in-love, Greg and Cheryl Johnson; her grandmothers, aunts, uncles, cousins and beyond; her family of colleagues and her many, many friends.

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