Wednesday, August 25, 2010

8/25 This month's biopsy results: Megan's heart is pumping at normal function! Biopsy shows rejection level at 1a. Docs increased rejection meds to hopefully get back to zero. The rejection med causes hair loss and Meg is already showing signs of this.  Pray her level goes back to '0' and no more hair loss.  #donatelife

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  1. Hi my name is Christine I am Jonathan Sadowski mother,I am reading your blog,praying for Megan.I wanted to tell you that we researched all of Jonathan's meds out of habit for 20 years very few mention hair loss.I further researched Hair Loss,in which my Hairstylist knowledge,I do know that anestesia can cause hair loss along with my findings surgey,malnutrition,and any trama to the body.This is the first time he has experienced hair loss,very scary but researching it helped me to understand even when I knew most of the answers.Before his illness got worse I was cutting his hair every three weeks now I am shaving it off to keep him from noticing his large amount of hairloss.We are making him drink one Ensure/Boost a day for extra vitamins/nutrients,it seems that it has helped him put weight on faster (27lbs).My prayers to you and your family for Megan Grandpa>