Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wayne is back to school everyday while Megs & I keep the home fires burning.  Actually, we've had the attic fan running instead!  Today, Megs enjoyed the company of Mandi and Kinsley (her sister & niece), and the beautiful weather outdoors.  I took advantage of that and went shopping for fruit, veggies, and other essentials.  Weird, not having grocery shopped for over a month. 

Sometimes I feel "afraid" that I will forget the many incredible things that God did to get us to this point.  You know, when you get back into the normalcy of life...  I pray that that will never happen; that we will always be aware of the miracle of Megan's life.  One friend put it this way..."You have been given the gift of your daughter's life twice."  I love that.  Thank you, Jesus; You are incredible.


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