Tuesday, May 11, 2010

5/11 6:30pm Megan did not make it home today. Tests were delayed (hospital stuff) and she hopes to come home around noon tomorrow. We'll keep our fingers crossed, but we won't hold our breath. She is doing well and today we took a walk to show her the ICU and visit some favorite nurses. Time well spent.


  1. Sorry to hear that she had to stay,hopefully you all read the coments that people leave.My name is Christine Sadowskimy son is in the hospital waiting for a heart and kidney transplant,we have been following Megans'story,weird thing is the morning she was transplanted we were calling Dr Ewald.Anyway we had to bring him in with a nine day stay and we have been back and forth since,he is again since last wednesday and might be staying til he is tranplanted.He would love to meet Megan,his name is Jonathan Sadowski.Thank You and God Bless.

  2. Christine, what room in your son in? Meg will be back in the hospital for her weeking check and maybe we can stop by.